Directions: On the main Carndonagh – Ballyliffin road just outside the town centre along the roadside on your left. Beside the Donagh Church.

Description: Dating from the 7th century and has stood sentinel over Carndonagh for almost 1500 years. Antiquarians consider it to be one of the finest examples in Ireland of low-relief carved monuments remaining from ancient times. The cross, carved out of a single stone of hard, laminated sandstone has a simple shape with short arms gently curving from the shaft. Its decoration is unusual, combining bands of interlaced ribbon with simplified figures in low relief. The central image may depict the Crucifixion scene or the Transfiguration and the body- flanking figures could either be Mary and John the two thieves or possibly the soldiers. The figures flanking the head are thought to be angels. Below are three figures wearing cowls and long robes, perhaps representing the holy women who visited Christโ€™s tomb after the resurrection. The pillar stones on either side of the cross are covered exclusively with figures and other biblical images. The cross now stands adjacent to Donagh Church having been removed from its original site across the road.