Our Brand, Your Inishowen

At the heart of ‘Go Visit Inishowen’ is our brand logo which encapsulates ‘Adventure, Heritage and Inclusiveness’; three values that are characteristic of the experience that visitors can expect here in Inishowen.

Inishowen, ‘It begins and ends here’.

It is a peninsula that celebrates cultural heritage and creativity, evident in our story-telling, music and art. A place which is steeped in historical landmarks dating from pre-Christian times, Inishowen tells its own story from the beautiful beaches and rugged landscape that people come to see for themselves.

‘Go Visit Inishowen’ and experience the scenery, heritage and culture that surround it. From our lakes to our mountains there is something here for everyone and our inclusivity is shown in our brand.

Our Identity

The logo is representative of three aspects; the Inishowen 100 drive, the wild Atlantic waves and the wondrous colours of the Northern Lights.

  • The ‘Inishowen 100’ scenic driving route is approximately 100 miles in length and skirts the coastline of the Inishowen peninsula. It is marked by a brown sign saying ‘Inishowen 100’often accompanied by a spiral design. Echoes of that spiral that have been incorporated into our logo.
  • The blue and green brushstroke effect of the design represents the Atlantic Ocean; it was imperative that we include this in our logo; after all it is responsible for shaping our beautiful, rugged coastline
  • The colours of the logo reflect those of the ‘Northern Lights’. As the most northerly point, Inishowen is undoubtedly the best place in Ireland in which to witness the astronomical phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. Due to the low light pollution, we have prime locations in which to get the perfect photograph.