Bocan, Gleneely, Carrowmenagh and Redford are areas that contain possibly the widest range and greatest number of historical sites and ancient monuments in Inishowen. Among the ancient sites to visit in these areas are, Cloncha Church, Cross of St. Boden, Larrahirril Court Tomb, Bocan Stone Circle, Kindroyhead Standing Stone and Carrowmore High Cross.These areas have also been the birthplace of many well-known authors who have contributed greatly to our knowledge of our past and still continue to supply us with some wonderful reading material. Brian Bonner,
Sean Beattie, John A. McLaughlin, Hazel Clarke/ McIntyre, Evelyn Ruddy, Neil McGrory and Bridget O’Toole have written some superb works on various aspects of life in the area as well as local and general history. Nearby is Tremone Bay where in 1848 a Young Irelander, Thomas D’Arcy McGee escaped from his pursuers and eventually ended up in Canada where he became one of the founders of the Confederation of Canada and a Government Minister.