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Directions: 3km from Culdaff, off the Culdaff -Moville road. Approximately 1.5km along this road on the left, there is easy access and it is well signposted

Description: Cloncha is the site of one of the most important foundations in the development of Christianity in Inishowen. It was a significant centre from the sixth century onwards, favoured by bishops as a final resting place. The glory of Cloncha is the striking high cross in the field just beside the church, standing 4m tall. Only one other cross stands upright, another lies only partially complete, but fallen, in the same field. Inside the Church (the older church was replaced by the planter’s church in the 17th century) are some beautiful carved stones. Cloncha was the centre for conversion of a large part of Inishowen. The original monastery was much larger (some stones and crosses are now held in the National Museum). Its influence was great and the fact that Carrowmore and another foundation at Culdaff were so near, would have made this area a great seat of skill and learning.