Location: Situated at Lagg and is 45km from the Inishowen Tourist Office. Accessed: Via the L5111 road, off the R238
Overview: On the opposite side of Trawbreaga Bay, north of the Bar Mouth lies a beautiful secluded beach called Five Fingers Strand. The name comes from five narrow sea stacks that protrude from the water on the north side of the beach which allude to fingers. The golden sand occasionally accumulates stony areas after stormy weather. The beach is backed by sand dunes which are reputed to be some of the highest Miram grass dunes in Europe. They are up to 30 meters in height and have been in formation for approximately 5,000 years.
Activities: Swimming is not recommended here due to very dangerous under currents and rip tides, however, it is great for fishing, bird watching and walking.