Location: Situated near Carrowmenagh, 42km northeast of the Inishowen Tourist Office.
Overview: The beach is accessible by a weaving road from the top of the hill; care should be taken on descent. There is a small car park at the beach which gets very busy during the summer. It is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Kinnagoe Bay is a secluded beach, famously known for being the location of the wreck of the Armada ship ‘La Trinidad Valencera’ on 16th September 1588, in memory of which a plaque is mounted. It was just off Kinnagoe Bay that divers found ‘La Trinidad Valencera’, a 1,100 ton wooden ship. Many artefacts have been recovered from this vessel and can be seen in the Tower Museum in Derry.
Activities: Activities at Kinnagoe Beach swimming, snorkeling, walking, beach combing.