The scenery as you approach this beautiful cove is breathtaking. When you descend to the beach you feel as if you are in another world, feeling totally cut off by the sea in front and the sheer cliffs to every side. Glenagivney, called the β€œQueen of the Inishowen Glens,” runs inland from Kinnagoe Bay towards Lecamy. An example of an ancient sweat-house can be found in Lecamy. It is believed that the almost enclosed chamber was heated like an oven and people crept in and then, having been sweated, rushed out to immerse themselves in cold water. Tradition has it that they were used as a cure for rheumatism. It was also just off Kinnego Bay in 1970/71 that divers found the Spanish Armed Transporter, La Trinidad Valencera. On September 14th 1588, this 1,100 ton wooden ship had limped into anchor offshore then sank two days later.